Welcome to Dan Assan and Partner Law Office And Notary

The main specialization of our office lies in the legal relations between Israel and the German speaking countries. This specialization results of the legal education of attorneys in Germany as well as of the vast practical experience of advocate Dan Assan, who has been working in the field for more than twenty years.
The office employs numerous attorneys and paralegals, fluent in both languages.

The main fields of specialization of the office is the naturalization of descendants of former German or Austrian citizens in Germany or Austria, respectively, the consulting services to foreign companies and their representation in front of Israeli courts, the establishment of companies with foreign participation in Israel, the preparation of expert legal opinions on Israeli law, and the debt collection for foreign companies. Our expertise lies further in the preparation of contracts for commercial agents and distributors, in the field of international private law, especially regarding succession matters and succession law, in relocation proceedings of Israelis in Germany and Germans in Israel and finally, in the provision of notary services in the English, Hebrew and German language.

 In addition to the main specialization the office engages in the preservation of Human Rights in Israel.

 Attorney Dan Assan is the lawyer of confidence of the German Embassy in Israel.

 Attorney Dan Assan is a member of the presidency of the Israeli – German Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

 Attorney Dan Assan is the chairman of the board of the Israeli – German Jurists Association.

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