Department for German and Austrian Citizenship

The Department for German and Austrian Citizenship in our offices is of assistance to the descendants of German or Austrian Jews, former citizens of Germany and Austria, in obtaining the respective citizenship and a European passport.

It is estimated that 200,000 such entitled persons are living in Israel today and a further 200,000 are living in the USA. A not insignificant number of such entitled persons is further living in South American countries, especially in Argentina.

In general, there is a distinction between those applicants who are able to present us with valid proof regarding their entitlement to citizenship (entitlement files) and those applicants, who are not in the possession of such proof, but rather require the department to conduct a thorough research with the relevant German or Austrian authorities or archives in order to find it (research files).

Characteristic for the applications filed through our citizenship department is that up to the decision of the relevant authority in the matter, all actions are taken and all correspondence is conducted with the relevant authority in Germany/Austria, so that there is no need to address the respective embassies in Israel, the USA or elsewhere.

Our department’s staff attends to the applicants rapidly, and at dates and times convenient for the applicants. It provides the applicants with thorough information and guidelines regarding the documents necessary for the process.

Our department also arranges for the translation of the necessary documents into the German language, as well as for the obligatory notary confirmations of such translations.

Eligibility files

From January 2001 until December 2018 our department has found about 1,494 families eligible for the German or Austrian citizenship (6,007 applicants) and we have filed the respective applications with the relevant authorities. Among these, 1,315 families (88 %) have already received a notice of the relevant authority that their application has been granted. The applications of the remaining 179 families (12%) are still under examination.

Research files

In the same period of time our department has commenced research regarding 1,746 families in order to prove their entitlement to the German or Austrian citizenship.

The results of our research are the following:

  1. So far regarding 962 families (approximately 55%) documents proving their eligibility have been found.
  2. Regarding 717 (approximately 41%) families such evidence could not be found.
  3. 67 cases (approximately 4%) are still in progress.

For further questions regarding German or Austrian citizenship, please contact our department at:
Dan Assan & Partners, Law Offices
14 Nachmani St.
Tel Aviv 65794, Israel
Tel: +972-3-5663006
Fax: +972-3-5665008